为北京的AMXF提供认识的机会;A place to connect Chinese male and non-Asian female @ Beijing

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2. Chinese's thoughts towards the "我爱你(I love you)" expression

A question is raised by the reader after reading an interesting article : "Do westerners say this(I love you) more easily than Chinese? Do Chinese find love soo serious, they wanna spare it for special people and special moments? Does this change in the younger generation, because they are influence…

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Story from an European woman( TBC)

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Part 1

I am an European woman, A few years ago I came to Beijing to learn the chinese language and find out more about the situation in this interesting country. Since then nearly every year I spend my summer vacation here. My first Chinese relationship was my former bo…

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Why we need a network to bring AMXF together

根据我的经验和观察,  亚洲男孩和非亚洲女孩在一起的情况非常少见,我总结了一些原因,我将会在BLOG里面逐渐写出来,同时,我也希望大家能够把自己的想法和经历写出来。 我知道对于大多数的亚洲男孩和非亚洲的女孩,彼此之间有很多误会的地方,但是很少能够有一个地方能互相沟通彼此的想法,那么这就是你可以说出来的地方。…

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A comparison of East/West relationship pattern

Here is an explanation on why Asian male are passive on relationship.  I did my undergraduate study at a China University and did my graduate school at a University in States. Chinese college guys don't talk girls that much and just spend their time either on studying or sports, or hangout in their …

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How many WF actually open/into Asian male @ Beijing?

I don't know how many percent of them are open towards Chinese guy, but I would like to say there is a  significant number. Sometimes when I hangout with my friends at club like vics or mix(two of my favorate), I will  hit on WF to see how will they response and have dinner in the next few days( I a…

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